Afstudeerprojecten van studenten

Hier vindt u verschillende master en bachelor afstudeerprojecten die wij van studenten ontvingen en hiervoor SCIA software gebruikt hebben.

Als jij je eindwerkproject hier ook wilt terug zien en met anderen delen, dan stuur het ingevulde aanvraagformulier (studentthesisform.pdf) met de gevraagde bijlages terug naar


Este trabalho de conclusão de curso tem como objetivo analisar uma base estrutural metálica para suporte de uma caldeira e verificar os resultados considerando a norma vigente da ABNT NBR 8800:2008 que trata de projetos de estrutura de aço e de estrutura mista de aço e concreto de Edifícios.

(Talles Scharpf  |  Centro Universitário Para o Desenvolvimento do Alto Vale do Itajaí – UNIDAVI)

The introduction of high-performance concrete in the construction industry can contribute to the more economical execution of high-rise buildings and large-span bridges, for example. However, characteristics such as greater durability, less need for long-term maintenance and gain of useful...

(Gustavo Aurelio Cifuentes  |  Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina )

SCIA Engineer is a big change in the Brazilian structural analysis and design style. The adaptation of the software to the national standards will open many opportunities for the engineers to design more complex, slender and non-linear structures in order to solve logistics and space problems....

(Bruno Ruas de Pinho  |  Universidade Católica de Pelotas)

Currently, constructions of bamboo are still made empirically, based on the results of load tests on test pieces. In this research, the technical feasibility of constructing a four-floor building with bamboo as the main material of the self-supporting structure was verified. 

(Débora Coting Braga  |  Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia – Escola de Engenharia Mauá (IMT-EEM))

Fachhochschule Trier

TK 3 - Abschlussprüfung - 3. Fachsemester
Gradierwerk Arnsberg
Konstruktionsentwurf - Dimensionierung

(Heiko Bernitt & Björn Böhnke  |  Fachhochschule Trier)

TU Delft

Bridges offer great potential for the use of high strength steel grades (HSS). The main advantages are generally a result of reduced weight and cross-sectional dimensions. Design stresses can be increased and plate thickness may be reduced, resulting in significant weight savings.

(Mrs. Eleni Gogou  |  TU Delft)