What is an absence? How to use it?

In practice, it may happen that selected parts of a structure are not always acting. It may happen, for example, that fresh concrete members are not capable of transferring any load. Or it is possible that some bracing steel diagonals are missing at an early stage of construction. 

SCIA Engineer brings solution in the form of Absences. Absence means that a certain part of a model is missing (or absenting) in a certain load case.

These are the steps to follow if you want to add absences into a project and link them to a load case:

  1. Select the Absence option in the Project Data:

  1.  Make an Absence group (Tree menu > Absences > Absence groups)

  1. Add the absence(s) into the absence group:

  1. Link the Absence group to a load case. This is done in the Load cases menu: