Reference Projects

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Port House - Antwerp, Belgium

The Port House in Antwerp represents a genius architectural design that integrates an original, unconventional and eye-catching structure with the old fire station, a protected replica of a former Hanseatic house.

SCIA Engineer - Football Stadium - Dunajská Streda, Slovakia

The football stadium in Dunajská Streda, a town in Slovakia, originally opened in 1953. Since then, it has undergone several modernizations and renovations.

SCIA Engineer - Shoaiba II Power Plant

The climate in Saudi Arabia causes a constant demand for electricity, from both industrial and domestic sectors. The new power plant is the answer to the high demand.

SCIA Engineer - Bridge over Rhine River - Strasbourg, France / Kehl, Germany

The bridge is 290 m long. It consists of 2 bowstring bridges measuring 145 m each, the steel deck is 15 m wide and weighs 1,450 tons.

Pell Frischmann - Centre Point

Centre Point is a famous landmark located in the heart of London.

Ney & Partners - Winner SCIA User Contest 2020 - Prize of the Public

The main contractor Cordeel’s new HQ is situated in Temse. The building spans the 60 m wide dry dock of the former shipyard the Boelwerf at a height of 15 m. 

Bayscape building, Cardiff Bay (UK)

Bayscape is an interesting new development in Cardiff Bay, Wales, United Kingdom. The building is composed of two apartment blocks which are 9 and 10 storeys high, repectively.

The engineering office ‘Baues + Wicht beratende Ingenieure’ realised this challenging project thanks to many functions in SCIA Engineer. The ‘BIM Toolbox’ was used to import the structural model of the architect and generate a full 3D FEM analysis model. Then, the internal forces and displacements of the whole construction were analysed in one step.

nhow RAI Hotel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capability of parametric input in SCIA Engineer helped engineers in the Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs office quickly compare different structural options for the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, the Netherlands, find the optimal variant and perform its complete analysis and design.

National Football Stadium at Windsor Park - Belfast, Northern Ireland

With football being one of the most popular games around the globe, structural engineers must frequently face various challenges related to the construction or modernization of football stadiums. Learn how SCIA Engineer helped tackle the expansion of the National Football Stadium in Belfast, Northern Ireland.