Volná místa

You will be leading our Core Product Development Team consisting of high-profile software engineers and architects responsible for the foundation and software infrastructure of our product, frameworks for anticipated product developments as well as the growing library of reusable components for internal and external use. Critical components include SCIA Engineer’s database server, APIs, service integration platform, license protection system, GUI, etc. 

We are looking for an energetic, creative and enthusiastic person to lead the inside sales team on a daily basis. The purpose of the internal sales team is to support our Account managers by setting up appointments with prospects, supporting the sales cycle with offers and making remote sales.

We are looking for an experienced Qt front-end developer. You will play a pivotal role in our strategic program through which we redesign and redevelop the UX/UI of our core product, SCIA Engineer.

En tant qu’ingénieur support pour notre logiciel SCIA Engineer, vous assisterez la société en lui fournissant un support technique, des présentations et des démonstrations de notre logiciel de calcul de structure à nos clients internationaux.

Looking for a job that combines your communicative and commercial skills, within a company with a dynamic and international work environment? 

Are you a creative team player and interested in a job that combines software and structural engineering? Then we are looking for you to join our customer-oriented team!

We are looking for an energetic, creative and enthusiastic person to take our content & social media to the next level.